Letter from the Executive

Dear Supporters,

As a supporter of land conservation, you may have questions about an alleged grant made by California Forever to Solano Land Trust. I am writing to correct the misinformation that is swirling around our community and to let you know how we are responding.
At our Sunday Supper event on October 8, 2023, the Solano Land Trust received an anonymous donation in support of our Child on the Land Program from Jan Sramek and his wife.

This program brings thousands of school kids out to Solano Land Trust's open space parks and funds sponsorships to Rangeland and Environmental Camps. Like you, we believe connecting youth with nature is critical for their physical health and well-being and helps inspire the next generation who will care for the land.

When donations like this are made anonymously, we, of course, honor the request that the donor remain anonymous. However, we do not, under any circumstances, accept donations from an individual or entity, anonymous or not, that requires our endorsement, support, favors, influence, or any quid pro quo for the donation. That wasn't part of our acceptance of this donation or any other donation that we receive.

We are deeply upset by a recent post on the California Forever website that lists the Solano Land Trust as a “grantee” of their community grant program. We have also heard from attendees at the Dixon Town Hall that California Forever leadership announced this publicly at that meeting. That characterization is self-serving and grossly misleading. Solano Land Trust did not solicit this funding, apply for a grant, or agree to any grant provisions that would imply that the randomly received, and anonymous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Sramek was a grant from California Forever or the Flannery Group.

We have demanded that California Forever remove Solano Land Trust from their website and we have returned the funds to Mr. and Mrs. Sramek.

Our mission is to inspire a love of the land and preserve it for people, food, and the natural environment. We are strong supporters of Solano County’s current General Plan and our county’s city-centered growth model and believe it has helped us keep agriculture viable in our county and protect important natural resources. When California Forever’s project details are released in January, we will learn if the proposed project will be consistent with our county’s guiding principles.

Nicole Braddock
Executive Director