Goat Island Tidal Marsh Restoration

Solano Land Trust Goat Island Tidal Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project

This is your one stop shop for information and updates on this community-informed project for nearly 100 acres of restored intertidal wetland, upland and improved public access amenities at Rush Ranch, Suisun Marsh, Solano County.

This page is under construction. Check back soon for more, including results from our May 16 workshop with a broad array of community leaders drawn from education, small business, recreation, and wildlife protection. We also want to hear from you—please contact us using the dedicated email address below, to leave comments and/or set up a meeting.

Phase 1 from 2024-2025 is focused on planning, permitting, and design. Solano Land Trust and our contracting partners will conduct community engagement and prepare final designs and engineering plans, an adaptive management plan, and permit applications, for the restoration of 80 acres of tidal wetland, 8 acres of wetland-upland transition zone, and 1 acre of seasonal wetland, and related public access trails and amenities.

Phase 2 from 2025-2027 is focused on one the ground restoration and construction of new public access amenities.

Project Team:

• Solano Land Trust
National Estuarine Research Reserve
Restoration Design Group
Gillenwater Consulting
Northgate Environmental Management, Inc