Natural healing

Find peace outside

This time of year can be both fun and challenging. Many of us get wrapped up in gift giving and family obligations, and that can be stressful. That's why it's a perfect time to seek peace outdoors.

Here are eight things you can do to reconnect and find peace:

• Take a hike. We offer docent-led hikes every Saturday on a different property. Even when hiking with others, you can pay attention to your breath and listen to the wind in the trees.

• Sit under a tree. Gather strength by thinking about the roots and branches of the tree, and how the tree thrives and survives through the seasons.

• Do yoga outside. Stretch your body and mind on a walk at Rockville Trails Preserve on December 21, led by Barbara Fredericks. She will stop for easy yoga moves “for every body.”

• Watch birds. Learn about birds of prey during a workshop and hike at Rush Ranch on December 8. Soar like an eagle!

• Get outside with those you love. Bring friends and family for a relaxing walk at Rush Ranch. The trail to the marsh is an easy walk for kids.

• Help out. Join us in December for a Citizen Science outing or to help build trails at Rockville Trails Preserve.

Stop and listen to the sounds of nature when you find a place free from the sounds of the city. Relish in that quiet.

• Find a view. Gain perspective and contemplate the bigger picture at any of our properties. Breathe in the sky.

Look, listen, feel, breathe. Nature provides reminders for us to be still, silent, and thankful.

Happy holidays!

Photos courtesy of Aleta George and Di Holokahi.