More kids outside!

Signs of a healthy community

With your support, we are forming partnerships to help kids form healthy living habits, which include getting outside and eating right!

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, Solano Land Trust is happy to welcome CalFresh Healthy Living Program as a partner in the Get the Rush event in March.

“Kids sparkle when they get outside and see the sky and open fields. An outing to a place like Rush Ranch helps them to unplug and explore the world around them, and to form memories that last a lifetime,” says nutritionist Rema El-Mahmoud with the CalFresh Healthy Living program, a federal project working within Solano County Health and Social Services.

According to one study, young people ages 5 to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen, and screen time can mean unhealthy snacking time.

At the Get the Rush event, CalFresh Healthy Living will talk to participants about the health benefits of an active lifestyle, the importance of making healthy food choices, and how to incorporate nature into everyday life. Participants can also join a docent-led, marsh-side trail walk, visit an old-timey blacksmith shop, and ride a wagon with Access Adventure.

“We hope this partnership will provide equal opportunities for each and every person in Solano County, regardless of income status, to get out to the parks and enjoy all the open spaces Solano Land Trust has to offer,” adds Rema. “By working together, CalFresh Healthy Living and Solano Land Trust hope to create a vibrant community that recognizes the importance of preserving our land and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.”

Photos courtesy of Charissa Ramp, Aleta George, and John Federowicz