Giving Trees

Table made of reclaimed wood to be auctioned at Sunday Supper

On Sunday, October 7, you will have the opportunity to bid on a very special table. This table is one of many items that is up for auction at our annual Sunday Supper event this year. The table is unique in that it holds historical value local to Solano County, and was made by Solano Land Trust staff member, Jordan Knippenberg.

Jordan built the table using reclaimed wood from Solano Land Trust properties. The tabletop is made of Douglas fir, and features legs made of four-by-four redwood posts that taper gracefully to three-by-three at the ground.

“The grain of first-growth redwood is straight and tight. You can’t buy wood like that anymore, unless it’s reclaimed,” said Jordan, SLT’s field operations manager.

And reclaimed, it is. Wood from first-growth redwood trees and Douglas firs was what fashioned some of the old structures at one of our retired ranches. This wood has now been re-utilized to build the gorgeous table for auction. Staff have been admiring its beauty while it is safely snuggled in the office, awaiting its big debut at Sunday Supper.

If you have ever dropped by our new office in Suisun City, you will have noticed reclaimed wood sprinkled throughout. Architect Dan DiVittorio was inspired by the dilapidated structures at SLT properties that once served as barns and living quarters. One of many things that caught his eye was a weathered wall and window frame, which he was inspired to take with him to install at the entrance to the office. You will also see reclaimed wood featured for the shelving, partition trim, and the conference room sliding doors.

Although Jordan has worked as a carpenter, he had never made furniture until recently. It started last year when he created two large tables that serve as the conference table in SLT’s new office. The reclaimed redwood for these tables came from a decommissioned water tank at one of our other properties. Upon seeing how beautiful they turned out, it was an easy decision to ask Jordan to build another table.

Whether you bid on the table or not, we have you to thank for protecting land and supporting today’s family farms, while appreciating and celebrating our agricultural past. If you have not already purchased tickets for Sunday Supper, you can do so here. 

(Photos by Aleta George.)