CRANEium for kids

A monthly gift designed by and for kids

Remember how excited you felt as a kid when something came in the mail with your name on the envelope? 

Solano Land Trust’s CRANEium keeps that special excitement alive with a subscription package designed for kids ages 5-10 years old. It’s a fun and educational gift!

Brooke at five years old next to a sign she
painted for a Solano Land Trust event.

CRANEium was created by Brooke Abess, the 14-year-old daughter of Chris Abess, the volunteer race director for our annual Lynch Canyon Trail Run and Community Hike. Brooke, like her father, has volunteered and been involved with Solano Land Trust for many years. Clearly, volunteerism and a passion for the outdoors run in the Abess family.

This project is all Brooke’s idea. She wanted to do something that would benefit a nonprofit, share her love of nature, and help children experience what she calls the “joy of the envelope.” She coined the catchy CRANEium title and pitched the idea to us. CRANEium came from her own fond memories of getting an envelope in the mail with her name on it. Brooke’s genius idea and enthusiasm were so inspiring, that is was an easy decision to move forward with the project!

The idea is simple. Every month a child receives an envelope addressed to them containing something they learn, something they do, and something they get. They will receive a fact sheet about an animal that is native to the land protected by the Solano Land Trust (something they learn); a coloring page featuring the animal of the month (something they do); and finally, a handcrafted origami crane by a local teen artist (something they get).

Brooke says that her main goal with CRANEium is to share knowledge of the amazing wildlife around us in a fun and simple way. By receiving a CRANEium package, we hope that children will learn the importance of nature and wildlife and develop a life-long passion for nature.

CRANEium makes a great gift and is literally a gift that keeps on giving. This creative subscription is a refreshingly original gift idea for the kiddos in your family-or-friend circles. Proceeds from CRANEium are used to support Solano Land Trust’s mission.

Choose from two subscription packages:

•  Full-year subscription (12 issues), January-December 2019 ($30)

•  Half-year subscription (6 issues), July-December 2019 ($15)

Brooke at 14 volunteering as a sound tech for
a Solano Land Trust fundraising video.