7 positive ways to help

Support yourself & your community

The last six months have been stressful, to say the least. Many people are experiencing anxiety due to COVID, the fires and smoke, civic unrest, and financial instability. We have put together a list of a few gentle reminders for self and community care.

Find peace of mind: Getting outside into the fresh air is good for you and your family. Get outside of your house (and head) with a visit to Rush Ranch or Lynch Canyon. Take a walk, observe the sky, and look for arriving birds of prey.

Eat well & support local farmers: Nutrition is key to taking care of yourself and your family during this time. You can tackle nutrition while also supporting your local farmers by buying from farm stands or participating in community supported agriculture. And don’t forget the pleasures of keeping your own winter garden!

Provide financial support to causes that matter: Money is tight for many of us, but if you can swing it, please consider donating to organizations that provide food, open spaces, or other services for those in need.

Stay engaged with others: Here are a few ways to share (thanks to Bay Area Green Tours for the examples) :

•  Practice social distancing, follow shelter-in-place orders, and wash your hands regularly.
•  Check in with family, friends, and neighbors.
•  Join or start a mutual aid network.
•  Support those who are most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19.

Give back to your community: Engage with your neighborhood and community by picking up trash, attending a city council meeting, or supporting your favorite restaurant. Idealist and VolunteerMatch have excellent resources for volunteer opportunities.

Think globally by doing your part to keep the planet clean: While many of us are driving and flying less during the pandemic, the need to protect clean air and water, and practice climate-smart living, has not gone away during the pandemic. Here are some ideas on how reduce the environmental impact of daily activities.

Draw on mental health resources: Here is a list of shareable resources from the National Institute of Public Health.

Photos by Aleta George, Solano Land Trust, and Sharon Anderson Photography