Legacy League

Making a bequest can have a lasting impact on the beauty and character of Solano Land Trust while protecting its open space. Leaving a bequest with Solano Land Trust is a simple and powerful way to leave a legacy for our community’s future. Making a gift of land or other asset as part of your estate planning is a relatively simple matter. As a form of giving, charitable bequests provide flexibility and can be modified or updated at any time during your lifetime. Bequests can also be made in memory of loved ones, which provide a meaningful way to create a memorial that lives on in service to others.

Your gift will help future generations enjoy the quality of life that comes from beautiful, protected open spaces for kids and families to explore, clean air and water that results from preserved habitat and watershed lands, and fresh food grown on our local farms and ranches. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the important work of Solano Land Trust. There are so many beautiful places in Solano County still to preserve. We look forward to continuing our important work and partnering with community members like you that want to leave your own legacy by helping to preserve the Solano County way of life so that future generations will have this important land to enjoy and care for.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is an outright gift of money, stock or bonds, land, tangible personal property or other assets, which is made at the time of your death. With a simple, revocable change in your will or living trust, you can provide permanent, public access to Solano Land Trust’s spectacular open lands. A bequest made to Solano Land Trust is deducted from the estate before the federal estate tax is calculated. However, we are not tax advisors and we encourage you to seek professional tax advice before making decisions about your estate.

We have partnered with FreeWill to provide our community with a free estate planning tool. You can use this tool on your own to complete you plans and designate a bequest to Solano Land Trust, or use it in conjunction with an attorney for more complex needs. Create your free estate plan today.
Already made a gift to Solano Land Trust in your will or trust? Fill out this quick form to inform us of your gift and to make you a part of our Legacy League.