Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Solano Land Trust! Volunteers are vital to our work.

We offer flexible scheduling and opportunities both indoors and outdoors. We have an office at 198 Dobbins St, Suite A, Vacaville, CA and five major properties in Solano County: Jepson Prairie, the King-Swett Ranches, Lynch Canyon, Rush Ranch, and Patwino Worrtla Kodoi Dihi Open Space Park.

Here are ways you can help us care for these lands and share them with our community:

Get involved in one or more featured volunteer opportunities below:

Help out on our Trail Crew

Looking for a way to fit exercise, fresh air, and volunteering into your schedule? Join Solano Land Trust's trail crew! Become part of a crew who helps us care for trails, fences, gates, and other infrastructure on the 10,000+ acres of land we own and protect in Solano County. The team typically works from 9am to noon at Lynch Canyon on second Saturdays of each month. Note: This is physical outdoor work. There is usually no shade. Be prepared to be outdoors for approximately three hours using hand tools like shovels and hoes; lifting, carrying and lowering supplies; bending over, squatting and kneeling on dirt, grasses and weeds; and sweating. To get involved, email volunteer@solanolandtrust.org.

Take part in Community Science

Get involved in science on our lands! No experience necessary—we'll teach you all you need to know. We typically work from 9:00am to 1:00pm on the third Saturday of each month. Our location varies. Our projects focus on helping native plants and wildlife establish themselves and thrive. Note: This is an outdoor experience involving physical exertion. There is usually no shade. Be prepared to be moving outdoors for approximately four hours. Depending on the community science goals for the day, you may be hiking, doing physical work, and/or recording observations about plants and animals. You may be using hand tools like clippers; lifting, carrying and lowering supplies; bending over, squatting and kneeling on dirt, grasses and weeds; and sweating. To learn and help with our community science projects, contact Jasmine at jasmine@solanolandtrust.org 

Volunteer for partner organizations who do great work on Solano Land Trust lands!

Access Adventure: contact Michael at 707-999-1419.

Volunteer for Access Adventure:  Feed Horses at Rush Ranch

Do you enjoy doing physical outdoor work on a ranch, and are you available for 30-45 minutes one or more mornings and/or afternoons a week throughout the year? If so, become a volunteer with Access Adventure to help them feed their horses. You'll be trained on safety procedures to keep you and the horses safe, and on the quantity of hay, alfalfa and supplements to use. You'll then join Access Adventure's horse feeding team. The horses are fed twice a day everyday, once between about 6:30 and 8:30 a.m., and once between about 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. Any availability is helpful, but the greatest need is on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. contact Tom at tmuehleise@aol.com or 707-439-5264.

Search for "Volunteer Opportunity" on Solano Land Trust's calendar

Do a search for "volunteer opportunity" on our calendar to learn how you can help us get things done.

Other Ways to Volunteer

Contact us to inquire about other volunteer opportunities or to share ideas of your own at 707-432-0150 or volunteer@solanolandtrust.org.


Eagle scouts have a long history of doing great projects for Solano Land Trust! If you're interested in doing an eagle scout project for Solano Land Trust too, email volunteer@solanolandtrust.org. Ask for a list of project ideas. When you meet with a Solano Land Trust staff member to get their sign-off, be sure to give them pages 9 and 10 of Solano Land Trust's volunteer policy, signed by you and your parent or legal guardian.


Thank you for all you do! For resources and to let us know about your volunteer contributions, please contact us at 707-432-0150 or volunteer@solanolandtrust.org.