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Contact Info | Solano Land Trust : Suisun City, CA

Contact Info


Solano Land Trust
700 Main Street, Suite 210
Suisun City, CA 94585

Phone: (707) 432-0150

Fax: (707) 432-0151

General email: info@solanolandtrust.org

Individual emails for Staff Contacts below: firstname@solanolandtrust.org 


Development, Communications & Administration

Nicole Braddock, Executive Director, 707-709-9021

Laura Livadas, Comprehensive Campaign Manager, 707-709-9025

Deanna Chedsey, Development Associate 707-709-9022

Anne Alver, Business Services Manager, 707-709-8273

Michelle Dickey, Engagement Coordinator, 707-709-9022

Diana Holokahi, Engagement Assistant 707-420-1041

Monatte McGee, Administrative Assistant, 707-709-9029

Stewardship & Transactions

Tracy Ellison, Conservatio Program Manager, 707-709-9026

Sarah Nolan, Conservation Project Coordinator, 707-420-1042

Jasmine Westbrook, Project Manager, 707-709-9028

Field Operations

Jordan Knippenberg, Field Operations Manager, 315-262-4090

Ryan Lewis, Stewardship Coordinator, 727-412-3862

Monatte McGee, Rush Ranch Steward, 707-631-3737

Tim Malte, Field Steward