Get Up Close And Personal With Eagles,
Hawks, Falcons & Other Birds of Prey


Birds of Prey at Rush Ranch © Tom Muehleisen

Come on Solano Land Trust's birds of prey workshops and hikes to see majestic birds like the Rough-legged Hawk, American Kestrel and Red-tailed Hawk pictured above. Learn where different species go, what they do, and how to tell them apart based on their looks, behaviors, and the ways they fly. Also learn how to tell apart female from male and young from mature.


Check out our upcoming birds of prey workshops and hikes to learn more.


Solano Land Trust protects land forever. This means Lynch Canyon, Rush Ranch and our other lands will always be available as a home and resting place for wildlife. Resident birds will always have a place to live, and migrating birds will always have a place to hunt and rest during their long journey. Lynch Canyon is home to golden eagles and hawks, and it’s a magnet for migrating and over-wintering birds of prey. It provides these raptors with over 1,000 undeveloped acres, including oak woodlands and creeks. Rush Ranch provides over 2,000 undeveloped acres, including tidal marsh. Some feathered visitors come to our lands from as far away as the Arctic Circle!


Golden Eagles at Rush Ranch © Tang Kheng Heng

Outdoor Adventures

Save these dates!

    Saturday, April 9:
  • Kite Festival at Lynch Canyon

  • Saturday, April 30:
  • Open House, Take It Outside California, & Member and Volunteer Appreciation at Rush Ranch

  • Saturday, June 4:
  • Trail Run & Community Hike at Lynch Canyon

Please Note:

  • Lynch Canyon may be closed on short notice due to extreme weather. Check for closure announcements.

  • At Rush Ranch, the Marsh and South Pasture Trails will be closed due to seasonal use restrictions some Fridays through Sundays now through February 28. Click here for dates.