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A special opportunity in Solano County for bird enthusiasts

Author: Published by The Reporter
Date: Nov 07, 2011

Larry Broderick knows how to inspire, and he's offering two birding bonanzas at Lynch Canyon.
All ages are welcome. Join him from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 13 and Dec. 4. to discover and learn about eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. Each fall and winter season he offers tours on Solano Land Trust lands. Take advantage of this special opportunity because Lynch Canyon is otherwise closed for the fall and winter months, and Broderick's next tour won't be until 2012.

A gifted and entertaining teacher, Broderick brings more than 25 years of experience studying, researching, rescuing and rehabilitating birds of prey.

"The main thing is I don't just want people to watch and see hawks; rather, I want people to understand their needs, interactions and requirements to survive," he said. "I'm just explaining what I'm seeing after watching it for so long. I just want to share and pass it on. Hopefully, as I reach hundreds if not thousands of people, a few will really get it, latch on to it and then do as I do, just as others did for me when I was starting out."

Broderick travels to Solano from two counties away to volunteer his time.

A donation is suggested, but not required. Donations help cover Broderick's transportation and resources so that these tours remain sustainable.

Meet at the entrance gate to Lynch Canyon at 10 a.m. sharp. Since Lynch Canyon is otherwise closed, the gate will be locked except for the tour's start time and 1 p.m. end time. Bring water and snacks. Bring binoculars, too, if you have them. Be prepared for variable weather by bringing layered clothes, boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes, and protection from sun, wind, fog and rain.

The hike will cover about four miles at a moderate pace, up and down steep hills, off-trail at times. Note that Lynch Canyon is a working ranch, so cattle are present and the ground is uneven.

For more information, contact Natalie DuMont at 432-0150 Ext. 200 or at (415) 517-2624, or