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Solano Land Trust closes initial Rockville Trails land deal

Author: Barry Eberling, the Daily Republic, Fairfield, CA
Date: Jun 09, 2011

FAIRFIELD — More than 300 acres of 1,500-acre Rockville Trails Estates now belongs to the Solano Land Trust.

The Land Trust has been waiting to close escrow on the deal for several weeks. The nonprofit announced Thursday that this has happened.

Rockville Trails Estates is in the hills above Suisun and Green valleys, near Rockville Hills Park. The Land Trust paid $3 million for 330 acres and has an option to buy another 1,170 acres for $10.5 million. The rural land had been targeted for a mix of homes and open space, but the project proved controversial and the developer gave the Land Trust the opportunity to buy the land.

The Land Trust got $2.5 million from a Fairfield open space tax fund and $500,000 from a rural Green Valley open space tax fund for the initial, $3-million, 330-acre purchase.

“Years ago, these funds were established to protect natural areas and agricultural lands in the Green Valley area,” Fairfield Mayor Harry Price said in a news release. “I am very pleased to support this project, which is a perfect match of these funds that benefit the city of Fairfield.”

Now the Land Trust is trying to raise the $10.5 million needed to buy the remaining Rockville Trails Estates land. It has already received $3 million from the State Coastal Conservancy. It has until February 2012 to raise the rest of the money, according to the news release. This gives the Land Trust more time than the late-summer deadline previously announced.

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